One to One Dog Grooming Service

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One to One Dog Grooming Service

07821 340 960

Health and Welfare

When your dog is with me, its health and welfare is my main concern at all stages of the grooming process. Should your dog display any fear or stress at any time, I may employ alternative strategies to alleviate this. It may require extra time or sessions to overcome this problem. If an aspect of the groom appears to be very distressing for your dog it could be that this is part is not completed fully.  I work on a basis of welfare over ‘style’, so if a dog is very fearful of his ears being dried or nails clipped, this part may not be completed to the result initially desired.  I use positive reinforcement every time.

During grooming it is possible pre-existing conditions are noticed, which you will be informed of, for you to seek veterinary advice if necessary. Extremely rarely accidents can happen whilst grooming, or medical issues can arise. In the unlikely event of this happening, you can authorise us to seek emergency veterinary treatment.

Salon Exclusivity

The Kooky Poodle operates strictly by appointment only. There will not be any other dogs in the salon whilst your dog is in our care. Unless owners have requested, and it has been agreed, that 2 dogs from the same household can stay together.  This helps ensure a calm, low risk environment and ensures each dog receives undivided attention.

Time Keeping

Each appointment slot is timed to each individual dog, with a period of time to prevent any overlap. This ensures there is no rush to complete your dog and that each dog is given undivided attention in a stress free environment. If you are early for your appointment, you may be asked to return at the  correct time. Likewise, if you are late, I may be unable to groom your dog.  This will incur a fee. Customers who are 30 minutes or more late will be deemed to be a ‘no show’ and charged the full appointment fee. If you leave your dog with me, and are late collecting, this will also incur a fee.  Late collections can impact on the next customer booked and could create anxiety or stress in their dog. I ask that everyone shows the same courtesy afforded to you to others.


All quoted prices assume:

The dog’s coat is well maintained free from knots, matts, and tangles.

The dog is well behaved, shows no aggression and groomed at the recommended time periods.

The dog is not overweight or oversized for the breed.

I am happy to work with nervous/ timid dogs.  Some fearful dogs need additional time for their grooms, and some may need ‘acclimatisation sessions’ to get them used to the salon environment.  These may incur extra charges due to the extra time and handling skills required.

Charges will be incurred for matted coats, those that are poorly maintained, or dogs with fleas. All charges are payable before you leave the salon with your pet. Payment can be made by cash, PayPal or BACS (payment prior to appointment).  At present I do not have the facilities to take card payments.

Cancellations and No Shows.

I appreciate that sometimes you may need to rearrange your dog’s appointment. As long as this is done with more than 48 hours notice there will be no charge. Any failure to show or a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice (except in extreme circumstances) will result in the full fee being payable, and no further appointments will be booked until the account is settled. Cancellations between 24-48 hrs will be charged at half the appointment fee.

Neglected / Matted coats.

The welfare of the dog is important to me.  Should a dog be presented with a matted or neglected coat, if it is felt that it will be kinder to shave the coat back completely, this will be done in compliance with The Animal Welfare Act 2006 ( Sec 5. – Animals are to be protected from pain, injury, and suffering). This incurs extra charges due to time and extra wear and tear on equipment.

In instances where a clip off or shave back is necessary, it can lead to skin irritation and other conditions. On some breeds the coat may not grow back in the same manner. The Kooky Poodle will not be liable for any effects which may arise from this.

Aggressive and Poorly Socialised Dogs

I reserve the right to refuse to groom any dog if I believe it may cause injury to itself or myself.  If a dog exhibits aggression or behaviour I have not been informed of prior to the groom, the session will be stopped immediately, and the full fee incurred.

It is essential that I am informed prior to grooming of any previous history of biting or aggression. Your attention is drawn to the dangerous dogs act which holds owners liable for bites and Injuries.

Please toilet your dog before attending their appointment to avoid any accidents.  Dogs can struggle to hold on for the duration of the groom, especially if they are anxious.  Accidents could result in the groom needing to begin from scratch due to needing a re-bath.

Grooming Feedback

After each session I will inform you of any problems I may have encountered, or any concerns I have. This is also the time to inform me of any concerns you have in relation to the groom. The majority of my business is repeat custom, and I wish to maintain standards and reputation. I often take pictures to show examples of work . Should you not wish photos of your dog to appear on social media please inform me at the time of the groom. I also ask that should you have a problem, please approach me to discuss, prior to any negative reviews been left on social media.

Customer details

Your details are held in confidence, as a reference to the safe grooming of your dog. The only time they are shared would be on request by another groomer within the Welsh groomers group to allow safe assessment and grooming of your dog.


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