One to One Dog Grooming Service

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One to One Dog Grooming Service

07821 340 960

It’s not just for poodles!

Standard Service 

Prices start from £40 for a full groom, based on size of dog, coat, condition and temperament

All products are naturally based, cruelty free and carry the leaping bunny logo

Below is included in our quoted price:

Brush through and assessment
Consultation as to style required/achievable
Clipping Trimming to style
Where required, undercoat rake used, coat thinning, slickered and de-shed
First rinse shampoo to loosen debris and dirt
Second Rinse shampoo to ensure all dirt and debris removed from coat
Conditioner to maintain coat
Hand, Towel or blow drying as appropriate
All shampoos are either organically or Naturally based, and chosen to suit your dog’s coat

Other Services

Mid-Groom Wash, Dry, Brush out & Sanitary trim

This service is useful for dogs with a fast growing coat that tends to matt.  It will help to keep the coat in good condition and result in less tangles. Also, perfect for dogs that are kept in a longer style so need a matt free coat when given a full groom. 

Wash, Dry & Brush out

A service for dogs that require no clipping, de-shedding or nail trims.

Puppy Grooms

As soon as your Puppy is protected by vaccinations, it is advisable to start to introduce them to the grooming environment.  All those smells, noises and being left can be made more relaxing if introduced from a young age.

Anxious/fearful Dog Sessions

Sessions to help anxious dogs become more relaxed in the grooming environment. These will be tailored to the individual dogs needs and charged according to time spent on each session.

Banana Facial

A relaxing facial during the bath.  An all natural deep clean facial that will help tackle tear stains & stinky beards at the same time. A nice additional treat to help your dog relax a little more during it’s groom.  

Nail Trimming

Nail trimming is included in the standard service.   

However, nail trimming will only be done when the dog is willing to have their nails trimmed.

Reiki for Dogs

I am qualified to provide Reiki for dogs.  Great for anxious and fearful dogs to use during and/or at the end of their groom to help them relax.  See the links on the main page to learn more. 

IRCVS and BDGA Guidelines

ANAL GLANDS please note I do not offer this service in compliance with current advice from both RCVS and The BDGA.  The British Dog Groomers’ Association recently received the following advice from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons regarding anal glands and ear cleaning & plucking:

Ear cleaning: Groomers may conduct ear cleaning of the external meatus as part of general grooming provided it does not include entry to the ear cavity. Where minor hair/debris removal is involved in a non-infected ear, this would not usually be considered an act of veterinary surgery, but where infection is present, or there is any possibility of a ruptured ear drum, this should be dealt with as a veterinary matter.

Anal glands: The veterinary advice we received is that external expression of anal glands is more complicated, because deciding if there is any infection or impaction involves a diagnosis, which is the practice of veterinary surgery. If the gland is not affected, it is questionable if it requires expression.”

I advise all owners to treat their dog in accordance with flea treatment guidelines.  However, if a dog is presented with a heavy flea infestation, I reserve the right to refuse to groom and the salon will need to be treated for fleas before the next appointment is due.  This could result in the cancellation of the following groom(s) scheduled.  This will incur a charge.

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