One to One Dog Grooming Service

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One to One Dog Grooming Service

07821 340 960


I offer 2 options for Reiki:


Reiki treatment as part of a groom.  The Reiki treatment will commence once the groom has finished and will be an additional 30 minutes onto the groom time. This will be an additional £15 fee.


Standalone Reiki sessions.  This is a fee of £20 for a 45 min session.  To include a 15 minute drop off and adjustment time to allow your dog to adjust to the smells and environment and have a fuss. This gives your dog time to relax before Reiki treatment begins.


Why use Reiki?

Reiki helps to reduce stress and anxiety in your dog. It can be very benefical for dogs who have experienced trauma, abuse or neglect.   Reiki can be used to support healing from ill health, injury or post operatively.


Reiki Treatment is NOT an alternative to conventional veterinary treatment. The Veterinary Surgery Act 1966 prohibits the diagnosing and treatment of ailments by anyone other than a registered Veterinary Surgeon. The Animals Act of 1911 states that if an animal needs veterinary treatment, then the owner must obtain treatment from a Veterinary Surgeon. Reiki is a complimentary therapy only.

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